Review: Paw Patrol Fuzzy Felts

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Like most children their age, my kids love Paw Patrol! John Adams Toys have released this cute Fuzzy Felts set for fans of the show. Included in the box is a green board and four sheets full of fun pictures to use to create your own scenes. All three kids have been loving playing with the set, all in different ways.

Fuzzy felts are great for encouraging imaginative play. Not only are they used for creating pictures, but they can be used for colour and shape recognition, counting, sorting and storytelling. Elsie loved using them interactively and although she is too young to put together a story she did find the playground pieces and was making the pups go down the slide and ride skateboards etc. Her favourite pieces were definitely the pups and was so excited the first time she played when she lined them all up on the board to show me.

Gracie used it for creating pictures making sure to set a scene with a story behind it and Zach just liked choosing his favourite pieces to create pictures. There are so many possibilities though and you could set them little games and challenges to make them even more fun. Fuzzy felts can be fun for all ages and would make a great gift for any child. It is a shame there are not more full colour pieces as they look so good and are full of detail.

The Paw Patrol Fuzzy-Felt set will be available to buy at Toys R Us.

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