Review: Despicable Me 3 Posh Paws International Toys

Friday, July 14, 2017

To celebrate the release of Despicable Me 3, we were sent a bundle of goodies from Posh Paws International. The kids went to see the new movie on opening weekend with their Dad and so were so excited to receive the cool toys the night before their trip. Inside the big box of goodies was talking Agnes and Mel toys, a cuddly Mel, a Fluffy the unicorn backpack, a Stuart backpack and a brand new character Lucky the Uni-goat soft toy. 

The kids took their backpacks and soft toys along to the cinema with them on the Saturday and were so excited to watch the film. I won't lie, I was kinda jealous as I love the Despicable Me movies but they have managed to not give me too many spoilers, only telling me a few of the moments that really made them laugh. So the kids loved the new character Lucky the Uni-goat but I still have no idea how Lucky fits in to the story yet. Thankfully this means I can't ruin any part of the movie for anyone else though. The film got a thumbs up from them all as did their awesome new toys. 

Surprisingly, the kids shared the toys out very fairly. Elsie got Agnes, Zach got talking Mel and Gracie got cuddly Mel and they were all really happy with them. I absolutely love Agnes, who actually shouts 'It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!' which makes me so happy and has Elsie copying every time she hears it. The three are sharing Lucky though I think he has ended up living in Zach's bedroom. Elsie got the Fluffy the unicorn backpack and has excitedly declared it her new school bag and Gracie and Zach have been sharing the Stuart backpack between them, without any arguments so far.

They are a lovely range of toys and made my children extremely happy. It sounds like a fabulous family film from what the children have told me and I am looking forward to eventually catching it myself. If you have seen it yourself I would love to know what your thoughts are?! 

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