Review: Choopie City Bucket

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The City Bucket is a multi-use caddy for extra storage on your pushchair along with other uses. It has two insulated cupholder sections and a large cargo area with a large inside velcro pocket. It has adjustable velcro straps for ease when attaching to pushchairs of different sizes. We were sent a city bucket to try out ourselves.

As I am always out walking with the pushchair for Elsie, I had always wanted something to keep my keys/phone in when wearing clothes without pockets. I will no longer put them in the pushchair basket anymore after a salt-water craft leakage one day which destroyed all my keys and key rings. So anything of value goes in a pocket or bag but when simply going out for the school run, the last thing I want is an extra bag to carry. I was really looking forward to trying out the city bucket for myself.

I have found that having the cupholders means that we are not forgetting to take water bottles to school as the kids pop them straight in whilst we are getting ready for school and they are in eyesight when we get to the classroom so they actually remember to take them in and I don't find them in the basket when I am home. I am also finding it so handy to keep my house keys in so I don't have to rummage to find them anymore. The velcro pocket is handy for storing my phone out of sight or to keep change in so I always have some to hand. I also love that when out shopping I can get a drink to go from Costa etc. and pop it in the bottle holder section.

The only issue I have had, which isn't even much of a problem, is that it is described as having non-slip straps and I do find I have to adjust them as they do slip occasionally. It is definitely not something that would put me off buying though as it is easily straightened back up.

The city bucket comes in a range of designs and can be purchased in the UK from

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