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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sometimes I find myself doing the strangest things whilst blogging and am always up for new and exciting challenges. I was recently invited to one of my local McDonalds restaurants to see all of the changes they have been making. If you have visited a local McDonalds recently you may have noticed a few changes yourself to the way they are doing things but what about behind the scenes? Along with a group of fellow bloggers, I got to have a look around the kitchen at the food preparation areas and have a go myself at making my own Big Mac. 

One of the biggest changes is the way technology is being used in the restaurants. The self-service kiosks are now available for you to take your time and browse the menu before deciding on what to order. It allows you to customise your order. For example, if you love a Big Mac but are not a fan of the sauce, you can simply un-tick that ingredient from the customisation menu and it eliminates the possibility of being misheard like when making changes ordering at the counter. I really like the customisation option as it also gives you a full ingredient list which is great for allergy sufferers so if something new pops up on the menu, you can have a look at what it contains before choosing whether to try it or not. The self-service kiosks also allow for you to opt for table service. This is so handy when trying to eat out with small children and a pushchair. I must admit, I have always had staff offer to carry food to a table for me when I have had a pushchair with me but this way they have staff especially for this service and it doesn't take time away from their job. 

Also you may have spotted the tablets available on a few selected tables, full of games for children to play with. This adds to the fun element for children and I have to say, when I have popped in for breakfast recently, it was so nice to have a couple of minutes of quiet (probably for me and fellow customers) to sit and enjoy my drink before we left while Zach and Elsie played on the iPads.

As for behind the scenes, I learnt a lot about the way they work. I was surprised to see that everything is now made fresh to order, whereas you used to see foods already cooked and prepared by the counter. I would say that is a very positive change. The cleanliness was very impressive. There was no mess to be seen anywhere, the food is all stored carefully. The service is also very quick. I think they said it takes 30-40 seconds to make a Big Mac. They have written instructions on the way that each item is prepared and the food items are stored in order of which comes next so you simply work down the line adding each item so I could see how quickly you could make each order. I found it really easy to create my own, although I was nowhere near as fast as the McDonalds staff, I think I did a pretty good job!

I didn't realise just how much choice there was on the menu and was pleasantly surprised to find that the calorie content is nowhere as high as I thought for the majority of the menu. This definitely makes me feel much less guilty about taking the kids for a McDonalds a couple of times a month! There are also some really tasty new items coming out in the next year including the 'Signature Collection' which is a more premium line which is worth looking out for. 

It was a great event and I came away feeling like I had really learnt a lot. I loved hearing all about how they fundraise for the Ronald McDonald House Charity. I already briefly knew about the charity as one of my lovely friends has a poorly daughter and they have benefited from being able to stay close to her at Birmingham Children's Hospital a few times. It is an amazing charity and the stores all seem to really care about raising money in different ways for them. 

*This post is sponsored by McDonalds 

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  1. That's so cool that you got to go behind the scenes of such a huge brand! The McDonalds near me is getting a re-vamp at the mo!

    Abigail Alice x