Review: Pinypon Playsets

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

A few weeks ago, we were sent a selection of Pinypon playsets from Famosa to review. The only previous experience we have had with PinyPon was when Gracie made this Youtube video with a blind bag of theirs last year. She loved the little doll and so when I saw these sets, which are based on some classic fairytale characters, I knew that the kids would be more than happy to try them out.

We received the cottage and three smaller character sets. The cottage does have a lot of fiddly parts and needed a lot of patience to put together. It looks great and folds nice and small keeping the parts inside but I would have been a lot happier to have less small pieces and perhaps for it to come mostly ready to play with. We have probably lost many of the accessories already thanks to the smaller children. The dolls are great. We all think they are really cool. Elsie got very attached to Mary Poppins and Tinkerbell and Zach really liked Captain Hook. Gracie loves the Cinderella which comes complete with reversible dress.

They are lovely little sets and would make great gifts for any occasion. With the dolls, you can remove their hair and twist the heads around to reveal different facial expressions or for example, with Pinocchio, you can attach a long nose to his face when you turn it around which is great. 

Pinypon toys are available in many stores including Tesco, Argos, Toys R Us and Amazon.

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