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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

I have had such a busy couple of weeks with so many exciting things going on, one of these things was attending my first blog conference of the year. I look forward to Blog On every single year and love that I get to spend a whole weekend with some of my favourite bloggers and brands and meeting more new faces.

The best part though is getting to come home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and motivated to make changes to the way I blog in one way or another. I love to learn new things and find ways to improve on the areas I struggle with. This year my main aim was to attend workshops to learn how to improve my Instagram and I managed to get some great tips for me to start using.

Whilst there I met lots of new brands and got to see so many fab new products. I got to meet my sponsor for the weekend, Three UK, who gave me a SIM card which I am keeping hold of for my holiday later in the year. The Feel At Home means customers can use their phone abroad at no extra cost which sounds great to me! I usually end up with huge charges on my return home. I got to play some great board games with Playtime PR which was really fun. 

We had Drumstick flavoured cake to celebrate the 60th Birthday of the iconic sweet and sweet flavour wines from Mr Gladstones. I loved the Strawberry Bon Bon flavour!

As usual, it was an amazing weekend, I hope you will all see a difference on my blog and social media over the coming months. I definitely have some exciting changes in the pipeline.

*Huge thanks to Three UK who sponsored my weekend away in return for this post.

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