We're Going On A Bear Hunt- Belgrade Theatre Coventry

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On Tuesday, I took the kids along to the first showing of We're Going On A Bear Hunt at Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. The show, which is on for just 5 days, is based on Michael Rosen's award winning book loved by families all over the world.

The show brings music, laughter, dancing, puppetry, paints, water, mud and a big scary bear to the stage for everyone to enjoy. The family find themselves on a quest to find a bear, they wade through gigantic swishy swashy grass, a splishy splashy river and thick oozy, squelchy mud.

I took along Gracie, Zach and Elsie to see what they thought of the show and they absolutely loved it. The performance lasted just under one hour and had no interval. It was the perfect length of time for the kids to enjoy. It was quite an interactive show. They asked young members of the audience to help describe what a bear looks like at one point and when they were wading through the river they splashed water out into the audience. We were sat right at the back so I thought we would be safe until they bought out water guns! The older kids loved that part but unfortunately Elsie didn't appreciate being sprayed in the face and it took me a while to re-settle her!!

The music was brilliant. The songs were so catchy and the kids came home singing them. The bear was great at the end, Gracie and Zach were giggling away whilst he chased the family. We really enjoyed the whole performance and it was a great way to spend time during our half-term holiday.

The show is on until Saturday 3rd June so you still have chance to catch it, with shows on at 11am and 2pm daily. You can get your tickets at www.belgrade.co.uk

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  1. My kids would LOVE this, they had their first theatre experience recently at Scarborough Spa Theatre, We saw Dick Wittington it was very entertaining, even for adults