Beauty & The Beast Book Of The Film

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Gracie has always been a big fan of books, something she has obviously inherited from me. We love to read together and have recently started to read chapter books together. These are books that are slightly too difficult for her to read by herself, yet they are perfect for her imagination and ability to take in the story. It also gives us a nice way to enjoy spending time together without the little ones. We had both been really looking forward to the release of the new Beauty & The Beast live action movie and so she was really excited when the 'Book of the Film' dropped through the door for us to read together.

The storyline isn't far off that of the original Disney's Beauty & The Beast that everyone knows and loves. There are a few differences which make the story a bit more adaptable to the big screen. The characters are exactly how you remember them and it makes for quite a nostalgic read. There is only so much I can say without giving spoilers for both the book and movie but I can say it is a lovely read and both me and Gracie really enjoyed reading it together. It would definitely make a great gift for any young bookworm.

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