The Highs And Lows Of Online Dating Part One

Friday, March 10, 2017

So many people seemed to like my last post so thought I would start giving regular updates on some of the hilarious online dating encounters I have had. Despite me swearing off Plenty Of Fish before, I thought I would give it another chance after introducing a friend to the site to join me in the shark pool. I decided even the bad experiences are something to laugh about.

It is great having friends to share the journey with. You can share people profiles with each other if you spot someone who you thinks is 'so their type' or if you think you like someone but need them vetting by someone who will be honest with you. Just in the space of a week there has been some FBI level investigating, a rumbled catfish and an unexpected dick pic.

I will start with 2 weeks ago on a Friday evening. A message pops in my inbox which for some reason I decide to reply to. The guy is '29' speaks Italian and is a personal trainer from, we will say a posher area than I am from. Interesting. I was already daydreaming about being whisked to Italy and being fed Pizza and Gelato by a muscular guy with a beautiful Italian accent. We swapped numbers to speak on Whats App and within about half an hour he made the mistake of revealing what school he attended. He just happened to go to one of my close friend's school. Note to all women- make sure you have a wide net of friends as it does come in handy when checking someone's credentials. She revealed he was actually our age and in her tutor group, lived very close to me and his whole profile was full of lies including his name and ethnicity. First impressions count. Liars will always be found out.

A few days later I mutually matched with a guy from Birmingham. He was very fit with a profile full of photos of his muscular body. I would usually steer well clear but well we all know what I was thinking and he messaged me first so I was curious to see where it went. We pretty much swapped numbers straight away (seriously need to not do that!) and within a few minutes, a very almost dick pic pops up on my phone, at least he went to the effort of covering part of it. Of course I shared with all my female friends which I am sure they all appreciated at 8am on a Tuesday morning.

Then there was what seemed like a really nice guy with similar interests who got in touch. As he had his name on his profile I did a little Facebook digging. It didn't take me long to find his profile, realise we had a few friends in common and see that he had a very serious girlfriend who he was moving in with at the time of messaging me. Now this one had me torn. So many of my friends said I should message the girlfriend but I didn't want to be responsible for all that hurt. I have been in her situation. Instead I pretended I didn't know and as I knew from his Facebook that he was unpacking with his gf, I asked him what he was doing that weekend. I didn't hear back again and can only hope that his guilty conscience kicked in and it was a little reminder of what he was doing in real life.

I have been thinking of the whole situation as a bunch of life lessons and am learning to figure people out pretty quick. Rather than ignoring messages, I am giving people chances and thinking if it is bad, I have a funny story to tell and if it is good, well then that would be a win.

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