Review: Disney Store Beauty & The Beast

Monday, March 06, 2017

It is now March and we are all eagerly awaiting the release of the brand new live action Beauty & The Beast movie. Will it live up to expectations when the original is such a well-loved classic? Me and Gracie are really excited to go and watch the film with some of her friends and while we have been waiting we were sent some official merchandise from The Disney Store to review. We were sent this Film Collection Belle Doll and this Belle Mug.

Gracie absolutely loves the Belle doll. The likeliness to Emma Watson is incredible! It is so detailed, right down to her freckles. The hair is beautifully styled and her classic yellow dress is gorgeous. It was quite funny at first as we are big Harry Potter fans and so it was so strange seeing Hermione's face wearing a princess dress. It took a good few days for me and Gracie to get over that! The doll is actually so lovely that we are keeping it in the box to display. I am putting some new shelves up in the girls' room and it will be displayed there. Beauty & The Beast is actually Elsie's favourite film even though she is only 2 so they will both be pleased to have such a beautiful collectible on the shelf. 

The Belle mug is definitely my new favourite mug. It features two different images of Belle, one on each side. In one she is carrying the enchanted mirror and in the other she is carrying a red rose. The shape is lovely and I love the gold detail. Definitely a must-have for any Beauty & The Beast fan.

There are so many more amazing Beauty & The Beast products available at The Disney Store both online and in-store. The film is being released in cinemas on March 17th.

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