Snow At Last??

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I have so many snowy childhood memories and find it crazy that despite having three children of my own, only one has actually experienced snow. Even then she doesn't remember it. These photos were taken in January 2013. Gracie had just turned 2 years old! Zach was a teeny baby tucked up indoors in the warm and this was the last time we had 'proper' snow.

Every year we are promised snowfalls that don't materialise. I am sure we had 10 minutes of snow at some point in early 2016! Each time the kids get super excited at the prospect of building a snowman. As much as I hate the cold, I love a chance to play in the snow. Back when these photos were taken, I have others with Gracie sledging down the hill near our old house as well as our little snowman we made in the back garden. It was so much fun and the photos make me smile every time they pop up in my Facebook memories each year.

We are supposedly going to have some snow over the next few days and I have already seen friends from all over the UK and Scotland, excitedly updating Facebook with their snowy photo's. It hasn't arrived here yet! I have my fingers crossed that we wake up to find a winter wonderland outside. Surely a day off school for a 'snow day' is a right of passage for all British children?!


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