Ways To Keep Fit As A Mum

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Once you have children, it is easy to stop keeping fit and active, instead opting for what is easier. I find that doing regular exercise helps me to feel more energetic and actually helps a lot with my depression. I can always tell when I have had a few weeks lacking with exercise as I feel really low. I find it especially hard in the Winter months when I want to be inside as much as possible. Here are a few ways to keep active in an enjoyable way around your busy lives, whether you have children or not!


Walking is probably the easiest of them all. If you have a small child, go for a walk with the pushchair rather than jumping in the car. In the summer months, walk to the local park if close by, or drive to a large park for a long walk. In the winter, treat yourself to some warm gloves, hat, scarf etc. and take a walk in the crisp fresh air. The thought might fill you with dread but you will always feel better afterwards. I regularly walk to a local shopping park with the kids, at least once or twice a week. I do three school runs each day walking there and back. I don't actually drive so for me I don't have any other option but when I pass my test I will still walk the school runs for the daily exercise. I notice I put on weight in every holiday when I walk less! I also find the kids are much better behaved when they have been out in the fresh air each day. 


Yoga is not only healthy for your body, it is just as good for the mind. Find yourself a local beginners Yoga class. I have no balance and I am certainly not flexible, yet I really enjoy Yoga and never feel judged if I struggle with certain stretches. A good teacher will make you feel at ease and show you how to safely stretch your body ensuring you don't do more than you can cope with. If you feel nervous ask a friend to join you. If you don't have local friends, maybe you will make some at your new yoga class! I don't go to Yoga often now that I am a single parent without childcare but once Elsie starts school I will look for some daytime midweek classes so I can go back. I really miss it!

Fitness DVD's or Youtube Workouts

There are so many different workouts available to watch and join in at home. Either DVD's or if you have easy access to the internet, you can stream them for free on Youtube. You can find a type that suits your fitness level so you don't strain yourself or make it too easy! There are so many options available. I personally enjoy the Davina workout DVDs. I also have the 30 Day Shred which makes a very noticeable difference to my body whenever I try it, but I can never complete the 30 days as my body cannot cope with it daily!

You don't even need to do all of the above. They are just the simplest tasks which don't take too much time out of your day. If you try to eat cleaner you will also feel more motivated and energetic and more likely to want to keep fit. If you do have more time on your hands joining a local gym and taking part in classes can be a great way to keep fit and meet new people (or not if you like to keep to yourself).

*This is a collaborative post

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