My Top Five Family Christmas Movies

Friday, December 02, 2016

One of my favourite things about Christmas is being able to indulge in nice foods whilst watching Christmas movies. It makes me so happy each year when the Christmas movie channels start and I can watch soppy festive films when the kids are not around. I also love watching all the popular family movies. There are so many of them and I think they really make the build up to Christmas so exciting. In no particular order, here are my Top Five!

Muppet's Christmas Carol

This one goes back to my childhood. Me and my brother, who is just 18 months younger than me, would watch the film together year after year and still found ourselves doing it when we were no longer kids. We are both at a point now where we know all the words to all of the songs, sad I know. We haven't watched it together for a few years now, since he went away for Uni, but it is a tradition that I now carry on with my children and the film never gets old for me!


Elf is one of those Love or Hate movies, but I LOVE it. For any adult who loves the magic of Christmas, it is great to see an adult character with the sense of magic only seen in children. I bet many of us would love to get back the excitement we had as children ourselves and really embrace the fact that our children believe. I do everything I can to build up the excitement for them throughout December and Elf is one of my favourite movies to watch with them. It is hilarious, awkward and it is a great tool to show the kids how just because some people don't believe, it doesn't mean that Santa isn't real!

Nightmare Before Christmas

I have always been a fan of Tim Burton, I love his movies and the darkness in them. I still remember the day my Dad bought us Nightmare Before Christmas on VHS and it became one of our most watched movies. The music is brilliant and the characters are so well-written. You don't expect to feel compassion for a character who almost ruins Christmas! My kids love this film just as much as I did at their age and it is so much fun to watch with all the family.

Home Alone 1 & 2

It wouldn't be Christmas without Home Alone. It may be a cheat choosing two movies for one spot, but they are both so good. Gracie watched Home Alone 2 for the first time last year and I sat  and watched her while she was crying with laughter at all the traps set up in the house so although the 1st movie is probably the better of the two, you forget the fact that the Mc Allisters have managed to lose their child yet again, and that the bandits are stupid enough to chase the kid who got them caught last time, and you can enjoy the laughter and clever traps once again. The first film was just brilliant and still makes me laugh every time.

Polar Express

I didn't like Polar Express the first time I saw it. It was only last year when sitting with the kids watching it, I realised how magical it is for children. To watch a young boy who is starting to doubt, take a long adventurous train journey to the North Pole where he eventually see's Santa. My favourite part of the movie is the bell that falls from Santa's sleigh. The young boy picks it up, shakes it and hears nothing but when he starts to believe he can hear it ringing. Santa lets him keep the bell and declares it 'The first gift of Christmas'. The boy realises it is missing when on the train home and is upset but Christmas morning he opens a box containing the bell and a note from Santa. The story ends with the narrator saying 'The bell only rings for those who truly believe'.

There were a few others that very nearly made the list including The Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street and Mrs Miracle.

What are your favourite Christmas movies?

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this!! Arthur Christmas is also a fave of our house too but Elf is by far the best haha!!

    Soph x