HIBS100 & Homesense Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

I was recently invited to the HIBS100 & Homesense Christmas party at The Lost & Found Wine bar in Birmingham. It was a last minute decision to go and so I headed there with little knowledge of what was going on! I love Birmingham at Christmas, especially at night with all the pretty lights and the German Christmas Market spread through the streets. I got to walk through the market between the train station and the venue but unfortunately had no time to stop!

The Lost & Found bar is a hidden gem. I hadn't heard nor seen it before, and it wasn't the easiest to find. From the outside it looks like a bank or hotel. No neon signs or huge windows and there was no crowd of smokers at the door. It genuinely looks like something out of Harry Potter. You walk inside and to the left was a bookcase, except it wasn't a bookcase, it was the door to the private function room that the event was being held in!

It was lovely to walk into a room full of bloggers with sparkling wine passed into your hands on arrival. There was a whole room dedicated to some of the festive home décor items available from Homesense.

We were served some yummy food whilst there! I didn't get many food photos as it got quite crowded with everyone flocking to try it. It was all so tasty and followed by some amazing chocolate brownies (my favourite!).

I was so disappointed by the lighting as the products were all so beautiful and it made them so difficult to photograph and show how lovely they all are. There was a definite gold/glitter/shimmer theme to all the products which I loved. Everyone fell in love with the reindeer snow globe above. It was being admired all night. I feel like I need to go out and buy myself one!

I personally really liked these cocktail shakers. I feel like they would be more ornamental for me though as I never use cocktail shakers. I think the three go really well together and love the old fashioned lion head on the middle one. I also loved the candelabra's which were set up on the table although I don't have a good photograph to share them with you, you may be able to see one or two in the main table picture at the top of this post.

My favourite item of the night though was this large bowl with antlers. It really stood out to me and I really wanted to take it home! It is so detailed and was quite heavy to lift. I don't actually know what I would use it for but I feel like I need it!

I have never been to a Homesense store but from what I have seen I think I need to! I could imagine myself coming out with a huge haul of products.

Thanks HIBS100 and Homesense for a lovely evening!

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