Christmas Gift Guide For Children 2016

Monday, December 05, 2016

I love buying for the kids at Christmas and I very rarely struggle to find things they like. I thought I would share some great gift ideas and suggestions based on the likes and interests of my children. Gracie will be 6, just days after Christmas, Zach is 4 and Elsie is 2. Hopefully if you are buying for children of similar ages then this will help you!

Disney Animators Deluxe Figures

I love the Disney Animators range, specially designed by the Disney animation team, the set contains 11 figurines, Belle, Snow White, Ariel, Pocahontas, Merida, Cinderella, Mulan, Tiana, Jasmine, Rapunzel and Aurora. They can be used decoratively or can be loved and played with by children. Gracie loves her Disney movies and I know she will love these figures, she even pointed out how cute the animator dolls were on our recent village to the Disney store! They are available to buy from Disney Store Online for £24.99 or in Disney Stores across the UK.

Itty Bittys

Itty Bitty's are a selection of cool soft toys from Hallmark. They have a few different collections including Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Scooby Doo an Wizard of Oz. My kids are mad on Star Wars and Superheroes so I know these ranges will go down well with them. Gracie loves her DC  female superheroes, Supergirl and Wonder Woman being her firm favourites. The Star Wars ones are awesome. My personal favourites being Rey, BB8 and Kylo Ren. Zach has Yoda and Darth Vader, two of the greatest ever Star Wars characters. He loves the original trilogy and has always had a soft spot for Darth Vader. From what I have seen they also do a Star Wars Christmas collection with a Yoda and Chewbacca in Santa hats! They would also make great secret Santa gifts or even stocking fillers! Such a versatile collection suitable for kids and adults alike.

Lion Towel

I love quirky gifts and Find Me A Gift is my go to place each year for this kind of thing. They have something to suit everyone. I love this funky towel, they do a range of different character options including dinosaur, flamingo, giraffe etc. but I love the big lion mane. It is great quality, really thick yet soft. I totally wish I could get one in my size! I will be giving this to Zach at Christmas and I actually cannot wait to see him all snug and wrapped in it. It will be even more special to him as his peg at school has a lion on it.

Personalised Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Book

Alice's adventures in Wonderland is one of my all time favourite stories. I haven't yet read the book with Gracie but she has watched all the film adaptions of that and Alice Through The Looking Glass. I spotted this personalised Alice in Wonderland book on Find Me A Gift and thought it would be the perfect way to introduce Gracie to the book in an extra special way. The book can be personalised by using your child's name in place of Alice so they are thrown into the story. You can also change the names of many of the characters so you can add their friends names too but I wanted to keep the original characters to not take away from the story. I think this is one of my favourite gifts and will be buying another for Elsie in a few years time so they each have one to keep for themselves. The personalised Alice's Adventures In Wonderland book is from Find Me A Gift

Elastoplast Frozen and Star Wars

With stocking fillers, I like to get as many useful bits and bobs as possible. I tend to fill it with their favourite collectibles/stickers for sticker books/ hair accessories and this year I came across these. I don't know about everyone else but plasters are considered magic. The slightest bump or graze is soon fixed with a plaster. Elastoplast have just released some Frozen and Star Wars character plasters and I am sure it won't be long until the kids are claiming their legs are going to fall off unless they have their super cool plasters on. It is definitely a unique stocking filler but I know it is one the kids will be really happy to see!

Little Baby Bum Musical Twinkle

Ever since Elsie was a baby, we have regularly watched Little Baby Bum on Youtube. She loves her Nursery Rhymes and the animated nursery rhymes really help her to be content and calm before bedtime. It is also a great learning resource, it is amazing how much music helps them take in and retain information. Elsie can remember most of the words in her favourite rhymes yet she doesn't talk in sentences. I think that is amazing! Well Little Baby Bum have released a toy range to go alongside their Youtube channel. This Little Baby Bum Musical Twinkle looks and sounds exactly like the one in their videos and sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, 5 little ducks, Incy Wincy spider and ring around the rosy. I am actually so excited to give this to Elsie!

LeapFrog Leaping Letters

It is so important to make learning fun and Leapfrog have come up with a brilliant game called Leaping Letters. Kids race against the clock to put all the letters back in the right spots before they all go POP. It also comes with add-on activity cards for when they are ready to take on more difficult challenges. With Gracie who is getting on really well with reading but learning how to write and spell, and Zach learning how to form and recognise letters, this game will be great for them to spend time together and help encourage each others learning. I find Zach learns better when he is having fun. He lacks concentration for writing and reading but loves to play so I will keep you updated on whether or not this helps him!

Leapfrog My Pal Violet

The Leapfrog Read With Me Violet is a lovable soft toy dog that encourages your child to read aloud from an early age. Violet reads from the 5 books included and asks related questions. I love the idea of Elsie having a little 'friend' to help with her reading and vocabulary. There are also two modes of play, daytime mode for reading fun and night-time mode for bedtime stories and lullabies. This would make a great gift for children between 2-5 years old who are either starting their journey into reading or who simply need a little support or motivation.

Baby Annabell Learn To Walk Doll

Elsie loves playing with babies. She is so cute when she is cuddling, feeding and talking to them. The Baby Annabell walking doll is a lovely next step up. One of my favourite parts of bringing up a child is watching them hit milestones such as crawling and walking. The Baby Annabell doll can crawl across the floor or walk whilst holding hands just like a real baby! It also makes sounds such as babbling, crying etc. I really think Gracie, Zach and Elsie will love this and it will really help them with their mummy/baby role play!

Baby Born Interactive Doll

I still remember having a Baby Born myself when I was about 6/7 years old and I love that it is still around now for my kids. The Baby Born Interactive Doll still looks as I remember it but it has so many more accessories and more functions than ever. It comes with outfit, bottle, dummy, potty, nappy, food, spoon, bowl and birth certificate. Baby Born is such a lovely baby and I think she will be a firm favourite with Elsie this Christmas. It is great value for money considering you have all the accessories needed all in one set so it is all ready to play Christmas day.

Num Noms

Gracie has been asking for Num Noms for a while after seeing the adverts on the telly. They are scented collectibles, there are a few collections of them available now and they come in different sized packs. Some are lip glosses, some are mechanical and some are stamps. You can get blind pots containing single surprise Num Noms and you can also get play sets to use that go with them. Each has a cute little face and it's own unique scent.  The possibilities are endless and they seem very popular with the kids. I will be putting blind pots in Gracie's stocking and have a couple of sets for her. I think the freezie pops will be her favourites!


With three kids I find I go through a lot of shampoo, soap, hand wash etc. so I know that I would be quite pleased to see handy things like this as presents for my kids. They are suckers for anything character related and Radox have just released a new kids range of shampoos and soaps. They currently have a Frozen range and a Star Wars range. Each has a pump style top for easy use and have a refreshing apple scent so their hair and skin has a lovely clean smell after their baths.

If you look out on my Youtube channel, Gracie and Zach will definitely want to show off their Christmas presents and let you know which are their favourites. We will have lots of toy content through January.

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