Christmas At The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham

Thursday, December 01, 2016

On Saturday we headed over to Birmingham to visit The National Sea Life Centre for their Christmas experience to Meet Santa. We have been to National Sea Life Centre Birmingham a few times over the past few years but we have never been at Christmas before.When you arrive there are some lights and a tree near the entrance which are lovely, then you go ahead on your way around the centre.
The penguins are the first stop which feels even more magical around Christmas. We could watch the penguins for hours. It is amazing to see them up close.

We had so much fun watching all the creatures, our personal favourites are the jellyfish, seahorses and of course Nemo and Dory. We got to spend even longer looking at everything this time too as it wasn't busy at all compared to how it is in the Summer! There is a 4D cinema on the top floor after the otters and they are currently showing The Polar Express 4D experience. We didn't watch as we had just missed a showing and we saw it last weekend at Drayton Manor's Magical Christmas. I would definitely recommend stopping to watch if you haven't already as we loved it (except Elsie who wasn't a fan of the squirting water!).

When we came back down via the lift, we bumped into The Snowman! Now he was a bit unintentionally scary. He even made me jump. The kids had their photo taken with him but they were both scared to get too close. I actually think this was my favourite part of the day because it is so funny I will never forget it! Even the picture is hilarious. The Snowman is just before the 360 degree tunnel. When you go through the tunnel keep your eyes peeled for a Christmas tree inside the tank. It took us a while to spot but it is really cool.

As part of your entry to The National Sea Life Centre between the 26th November - 23rd December, you can meet Santa. We lined up in a short queue to meet Santa where the kids were greeted, given a small toy. Gracie and Zach received bean filled sea creatures which they loved and Elsie got a cute Penguin ball which was perfect for her. This was at no added cost. They all also received a badge that says that they met Santa. They got to have a photograph with him too. They didn't get much time to chat as there was only one Santa and there was a queue of children waiting. 

They finally got their medals from collecting the stamps in the activity book on the way around too. Last time we managed to lose the books half way around so missed out! They were so pleased to receive their medals at the exit.

The kids loved the experience. They had a lovely day out, they always enjoy visiting The National Sea Life centre and the fact it was less busy AND they got to see Santa made it even more special. 

*We were given free entry to The National Sea Life Centre for an honest review of our day out. All opinions are my own.

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