Review: Boohoo Kids Range

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Back before I was pregnant with Gracie, I used to love buying new outfits every week to go out and let my hair down over the weekend. I used to do so much shopping at and bought so many beautiful dresses at such low prices compared to all my local high street stores. Well I haven't shopped their for a long while, but they have recently launched their own kid's clothing ranges. To celebrate the launch, they gave me £35 credit to buy whatever I wanted from the children's range.

The first item we chose was the 'Unicorns Made Me Do It' grey sweatshirt which was £8. The sizing at Boohoo is quite awkward. We had the choice between 5-6 years or 7-8 years as they don't do 6-7 years which is Gracie's usual size. So I opted for the 7-8 years in the sweatshirt and I think it fits quite well as it is supposed to be slightly oversized. The sweater would look great with any jeans or leggings.

Our next choices were this Girls Ribbed Stripe Cold Shoulder Top, £5, and Girls Leather Look Skater Skirt, £8. I decided to get the top in 7-8 years but the skirt in 5-6 years as Gracie has a tiny waist and I think both fit really nicely. She loves this outfit and it really suits her. I love that it can be worn as day wear or to parties etc. These are definitely my favourite items out of them all.

The last item is this Girls Bardot Open Shoulder Skater Dress £12 which was chosen by Gracie herself. I love this but it is definitely a bit too big. I ordered this in 7-8 years but I think the 5-6 years would have been better fitting. It is a really lovely dress and so we are keeping it for her to grow into. It will be perfect for next summer.

Apart from the sizing issues, which is definitely not ideal when ordering clothes online, I am impressed with the Boohoo kids range. I would like to see them work on the sizing's and add the in between sizes to make it easier. They have some really nice girls clothing and the prices are great. I would definitely order again! 

You can see the full kids range including boys and girl's clothing at

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  1. Aw it is a shame that the off the shoulder dress was too big as it is my favourite and the colour/ design is gorgeous xxx

  2. These are lovely bits, I love the top and skirt. It's so good that places like Boohoo are doing kids clothes too x