Planning My Perfect Garden

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I have a love/hate relationship with my garden. I would love to have one of those beautiful relaxing gardens that you can sit in and enjoy any time of year. Surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers and a nice supply of home grown fruits every summer. In reality, I have an overgrown garden which barely gets any sunlight meaning that most of my plants don't survive and I am lucky if I get one edible strawberry each summer.

I think next year I need to have a rethink about what it is I want from my garden and how I am going to do it. I think it is a garden that has promise. It is nice and private and safe for the children to play in, so an area for them will be essential and somewhere to put my table and chairs to work in the garden next year would be amazing. I have a garage attached to the garden so storage is no worry, but making the garage look pretty would be great as it has seen better days.

This video from Phil Spencer is actually really helpful and has made me think about my garden as sections rather than a whole and I think it is a great way to look at it and make your garden work for you. I think the next few months will see me spending countless hours on Pinterest looking for tips and hacks to find what I actually want. Then next year I am going to have my own Pinterest-worthy garden that I love to spend time in!

*This is a collaborative post

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