My First Child Free Night

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Of course I have had nights away by myself, I have been to blog events for one night and I even had a few days holiday this year without the kids but my kids have never stayed anywhere but home before. I don't find it as difficult going away for a few days leaving them at home, as I speak to them on the phone lots and am kept constantly busy and it is always nice to come home to their beaming faces excited to see me.

 So this weekend the kids went to stay with their Dad and I was left home with no plans but to enjoy the peace and quiet. They had been so challenging Friday, I had been counting down the hours until they would be going to give me a break. Although it didn't quite go as I planned. I ordered a takeaway as it was too weird to cook for one. I sat and watched 'Me Before You' whilst eating my dinner and spent most of the film in tears, and I am not usually the crying type! By then it was really late. Oh wait, no it was 8pm. Time goes so slow on your own. Too early for bed so I decided to have a Lush candlelit bath. Now that was a nice luxury. Then after an hour of trying to decide on what film to watch next, I gave in and went to sleep at about 9.30pm.

So, having no children in the house meant I was looking forward to sleeping in for the first time since pre-children. The days where I would stay in bed until Noon (or later depending on the hangover) watching T4. Instead my body clock woke me up at 8am sharp. Definitely still a lie in for me but not one of epic proportions.

Anyway, what do you do with your day when you are child free and have nobody to answer to? I got up, I showered, I cleaned my bedroom. I took the rubbish out, I went to Morrisons for some washing tablets and I ended up spending my whole day pottering around the house doing housework, decluttering and waiting for the kids to get back. They got back at round 7pm and I had spent the whole day cleaning and tidying. I am not sure I could possibly have been more boring!

The kids had a lovely time though. They enjoyed their quality time with Daddy and had so much to tell me about their day. I couldn't believe how much I missed them though, especially when I was so excited for them to go! I have never felt more alone than I did for that one day!

What would you do if you had a whole day and night to yourself?

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  1. Honestly I suspect my day would be very similar to yours, plus a little more netflix binging! Are you looking forward to the next one?

  2. Sometimes you just need time on your own. As I live on my own I am quite lucky to have the peace and quiet but I rarely get a chance to relax x

  3. I dont have kids but it is amazing how I can fill my time on days off! Your evening sounds perfect and I cant think of anything better than a lush bath! :)

  4. It sounds rather lovely - I am never child free but wouldn't change it. Kaz x

  5. First things first - I'd enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee in peace :D

  6. I don't yet have kids but I agree time sometimes being alone time moves really slowly.

  7. I have a feeling I would have done the same things as you did!

  8. Maybe not a lie in but its great that you had a night off you deserve it hun xxx