Fargo Village Coventry

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Last weekend I took the kids to Fargo Village with some friends for the Pizza Festival. Fargo Village is a small shopping village near our city centre, which is home to many independent sellers and there is not a high street store in sight. They regularly hold events for the people of the city from vintage weekend markets to food festivals yet it is a place that so many people are yet to visit.

My friend, who I invited along, had never visited and so we took a good walk around all the shop units, whilst we waited for the kids pizza making session. There is such a diverse range of stores from comic book stores, vintage clothing, upcycled furniture, homemade jams and crafts and even the coffee shops are stocked with locally sourced foods and homemade cakes and sweet treats.  It is a very family friendly place to go although I do get so nervous taking the children in the crafty stores full of beautifully made (and fragile) items. I think I would die of embarrassment if one of them was to break anything.

With there being a 'Pizza Festival' that weekend, there were mobile pizza sellers, creating wood fired pizzas in many different unique and exciting flavours as well as the usual favourites. The village was quite busy with people shopping and eating, yet the place always has a calm, welcoming feel to it. 

I have two children with dairy allergies and my friend and her children are vegan. The pizza making class, run by my another of my friend's company Backhaus&Co, happened to cater for both which is amazing! Each of the kids all created their own pizza and chose their toppings to decorate them, then sat in Urban Coffee whilst they waited for them to be cooked for them. They all looked so good and apparently tasted as good as they looked as the kids loved them. While they had their pizza's I had an amazing dessert pizza which was Banoffee and Smores and it was sooooo good. 

As well as yummy pizzas, I also treated myself to a few lovely items from one of the shops. These cute bath tea bags, which I haven't had time to try out yet but I love the Alice In Wonderland theme labels and they were only 2 for £1.50 so definitely worth a try. I also bought a Bomb Cosmetics candle, I did accidentally pick up the wrong box. I thought I had picked up the fruity fireworks scent but instead picked up Coming Up Roses. Luckily I don't mind Roses as it was too late when I realised when I got home!

Anyway, Fargo Village is so full of charm and I love having such a lovely place to visit so close by. I would definitely recommend dropping by if you are nearby and make sure you check out the events coming up.

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  1. We had a lovely afternoon making pizza with the kids. Fargo Village is so full of character and would be great to visit on event nights without the kids!