Drayton Manor Star Wars Firework & Laser Show 2016

Saturday, October 29, 2016

As a family of huge Star Wars fans,  as soon as I heard that the big fireworks event was going to be Star Wars themed, I knew it was going to be so much fun for us. We decided to head to Drayton Manor early afternoon to check out the Halloween goings on (I have vlogged this and it will be live on Youtube in the next few days. I will add here once it is live). The kids wore their Halloween costumes especially to trick or treat the Fat Controller, Silly Mummy didn't realise this was an early morning thing and not all day so we didn't actually get to do that!

There was so much to do that the kids thankfully didn't notice my mistake and I managed to get so many cute Halloween themed photos of the three of them. After a few rides on our favourite Thomas Land rides, we headed to the zoo to see the animals before heading to the 4pm showing of Star Wars The Force Awakens in the temporary outdoor cinema area (next to VertiGO). We got there half an hour early to get some decent seats and managed to get the front middle row (YAY). The quality of the film was brilliant and the sound system amazing, it sounded like they were walking around you, it was so loud and crisp.

By the time the film was near the end, it was dark and the atmosphere was great. Everyone was excited for the Fireworks and the crowds were all entering to watch the display.  On our way back to the centre of the park we bumped into a selection of Star Wars characters. There were so many of them, unfortunately we only managed to get near Darth Vader as the others were walking quickly but we watched Darth Vader make a kids day having a lightsaber battle with him. The kids had a go on a ride quickly rather than waiting and once they finished, the ride staff informed us it was almost time and to head over to the lake. It was so busy and I feared we wouldn't get a very good view as we stood near the Pirate ship, but it was actually a great view! We saw everything and the kids were amazed. The whole display was accompanied by music, narrative and sound effects from the Star Wars movies and it was so cleverly done. The loud music and sounds made the sounds of the fireworks less harsh too so it was less scary for children who struggle with the banging of fireworks.

The display lasted somewhere between 15-20 minutes. I don't know exactly because I was far too mesmerised to check the time.

Afterwards, the rides reopened and the kids got to go on a few rides in the dark before we headed to the car park. We did have to wait and queue for quite a while to get out, but as we had grabbed some sweets and drinks on the way out, everyone was quiet, happy and just ready to go home to bed (except me who came home to work). If you are planning to go this weekend, you may as well stay and enjoy a few rides to avoid the initial queues.

The Star Wars Firework and Laser Show is at Drayton Manor from tonight until 30th October and you can pre-book online. You can find out more here: https://www.draytonmanor.co.uk/fireworks.

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