Review: Club Petz Yo Yo Panda

Friday, September 02, 2016

Gracie was recently sent the new Club Petz Yo Yo Panda to review from IMC Toys. Yo Yo is an adorable interactive Panda with lots of great features. You can feed her with the bamboo, although watch out as sometimes the smell of bamboo can make her sneeze.  You can soothe her to sleep with the bottle, she is a noisy sleeper and snores quite loudly. She loves to be tickled and will giggle along while you tickle her belly.

Gracie loves Yo Yo Panda, she has played with her so much since she arrived. Of course, Yo Yo could also be a boy, but Gracie decided hers was a girl. She loves looking after her the way she would a baby and loves to call her cheeky when she doesn't do as she is told. Gracie has put together a video, with a little help, showing you Yo Yo and all of her features. You can see why the Club Petz range is so popular with kids, Yo Yo is so lovable and easy to use. Even Zach and Elsie seem to have fallen for her charm and so all three of them have enjoyed playing with her. She has a sensor which means she will call for you when you walk in the room. There is a on/off switch though so you can avoid being given a heart attack if you walk in the room late at night. 

As you can see from the photos and video, she is a lot bigger than she looks in photos. We were so surprised by the size when she arrived, but the size is the perfect scale to enable Yo Yo to have those big lovable eyes.

Yo Yo Panda is tipped to be another best seller this Christmas and I think it will be a huge hit with any young child. Yo Yo Panda can be found at Toys R US and Smyths Toy Stores amongst other toy retailers or online at Amazon UK.

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