Review: Aquabeads Rainbow Pen Station

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gracie loves anything crafty and whenever we get some one to one time, we love to spend some time together creating something special. She was recently sent the Aquabeads  rainbow pen station to review. The Rainbow pen station set includes over 600 beads in 8 different colours, 4 templates, rainbow pen and two layout trays all to be used with a handy workstation.

The pen station is great to keep the stencils steady so your child can easily add the beads without knocking the rest over or avoid the design they are following from slipping. The pen is very easy to fill but I would definitely recommend that an adult does this job. There are 8 slots for different coloured beads.

There are four template sheets included with a total of 15 designs to try out and over 600 beads in a range of colours to set you up. Gracie loved the cute designs including unicorn, sun, bows, hearts and a range of animals and insects. She decided first she wanted a unicorn. Of course you don't need to do the same colours as the pictures but we copied the picture for our first go.

The pen was a bit difficult for Gracie to get the hang of using. You need to hold it upright for the beads to come out and it isn't very accurate, the beads tend to roll across the board when they come out because they fall pretty fast. We liked that the pen was a great easy storage for the beads though.

The pen station is a very handy set. the boards are kept very still to avoid your beads flying everywhere, the water sprayer is very easy to use, even for children, the big slot allows you to stand your creations up to dry. The only thing I think it is missing is a storage compartment for any extra beads and maybe some tweezers to help remove the creation from the board.

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