Real Baking Cookie Kit

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gracie has taken a great interest in this years Great British Bake Off and I think that it is amazing. I love to see her take an interest in something so practical. I am not a big baker myself and so finding easy kits etc make my life so much easier when she wants to try different things. Gracie was recently sent a selection of Real Baking kits so we can have our own weekly bake-offs. The first we have tried is the Real Baking Cookie kit.

The kit contains a rolling pin, tray, piping bag and a large selection of cookie cutters. Gracie was so eager to start this and decided she wanted to make chocolate chip cookies. So once we had been out and bought our ingredients, we got started with our mix. We followed a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe with Gracie doing most of the had work.

Once we had finished our mix, we rolled out the dough on the tray using the roller and started cutting out some awesome shaped cookies. Gracie loved this part and made plenty of different shapes.

Now I must say, our biscuits spread more than we expected and so our pretty cuttings don't show in our final product but they tasted so good! We will have to spread them over a few trays next time to see how they hold their shape! 
We did have lots of fun with this activity and had so much cookie dough left over that we managed to make an epic hot cookie dough dessert which I will definitely share the recipe for very soon!  We are looking forward to sharing our next Real Baking activity with you next week and perhaps with all this practise we may have a future GBBO contestant on our hands.

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