Review: Sofia The First Magical Miniature Adventures Collection

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A few weeks back Gracie received an exciting parcel from Jakks Pacific, the parcel contained a selection of toys from the new Sofia the First, Magical Miniature Adventures collection. The range of toys consists of a selection of 3 inch figures and different play sets to use them with.

chocolate chop cookies

Real Baking Cookie Kit

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gracie has taken a great interest in this years Great British Bake Off and I think that it is amazing. I love to see her take an interest in something so practical. I am not a big baker myself and so finding easy kits etc make my life so much easier when she wants to try different things. Gracie was recently sent a selection of Real Baking kits so we can have our own weekly bake-offs. The first we have tried is the Real Baking Cookie kit.

Happy 4th Birthday Zach

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Today you are 4 years old. 4 years old! Like I tell you every day though, you will always be my baby, along with your sisters. I am so lucky to have such an amazing little boy to call my son. I have never known a child smile as much as you and you never fail to put a smile on my face. You have such a cheeky charm about you and I hope you always stay that way. Always optimistic and seeing the best in everything.
Over the past year I have loved watching how you have changed. You have stopped letting everyone talk for you and have fought to have your voice heard amongst your two very loud sisters and you are fast becoming a chatterbox. You have such an imagination and watching you play when you think no one is watching is amazing. You are my little superhero and you are just completely awesome!
I hope you have the best 4th Birthday and I can't wait to watch how you grow this next year.


Review: Aquabeads Rainbow Pen Station

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gracie loves anything crafty and whenever we get some one to one time, we love to spend some time together creating something special. She was recently sent the Aquabeads  rainbow pen station to review. The Rainbow pen station set includes over 600 beads in 8 different colours, 4 templates, rainbow pen and two layout trays all to be used with a handy workstation.

fisher price

Review: Bob The Builder Mash & Mould Construction Site Playset

Friday, September 16, 2016

When we were sent the Bob The Builder Mash & Mould Playset to review, the kids were excited and I was simply dreading the mess. I am not good with messy play since the last time we tried Play-Doh. Anyway I thought we best give it a try and see what we all thought so that fellow messy play haters can find an honest review.

The Construction site play set itself is a good size. It comes with four hexagon shapes, which can be connected together however you want to order them, 1lb of Mash & Mould play sand, a mould press garage, tiny the crane with wrecking ball, Dizzy, the cement mixer, a double sided figure with Bob and Wendy on either side and a range of different tools. It is really easy to assemble.

Then you just have to open up the sand and you are ready to go. The sand feels so strange, it crumbles so easily in your hands yet is completely mouldable. I put a chopping board out for the kids to lean on with the sand rather than the carpet. It can be rolled up into a ball and flattened just like Play-Doh BUT if you accidentally get it all in the carpet, you simply pick up another piece and dab it on the carpet and it pulls it all up leaving no mess! It is magnetic just like many of these magnetic sand sets around (which I didn't believe would work) and it is brilliant. Even with Elsie, who was stamping it around my living room, we didn't have any mess once we put it all away.

The set itself has so many different stamps and moulds dotted around. Inside Dizzy's cement mixer they can create construction barrels with the sand. The Wendy/Bob figure had a footprint stamp at the bottom to create footprints. Tiny the Crane is covered in moulds, one where you put sand in the tray that opens which creates a brick, then he also has small tool moulds all down his side. Zach and Elsie will play with this for hours creating all sorts to destroy with the wrecking ball.

The only negative I found was once you build tiny the crane and attach him to one of the hexagons, I can't find a way to take him apart again and so he doesn't fit back in the box with all of the other pieces. If anyone figures out a way to do this without breaking him, I would love for you to share. Apart from that, the play set has gone down really well and I don't hate the Mash & Mould play sand, so I would call it a success.

Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor After School Discount

Monday, September 12, 2016

As Drayton Manor Ambassadors, we have spent a lot of time enjoying everything it has to offer whenever we get the opportunity, yet we still have so much fun each and every time we go. We have visited a few times this year with friends who have used some of their great offers for discounted tickets. One of their best offers is the 'After School Ticket'

fisher price

Review: Fisher Price Beat Bow Wow

Friday, September 09, 2016

Following the popularity of Fisher Price's Beat Bo last year, they have come up with a four legged companion, Beat Bow Wow and we were lucky enough to get our hands on one to review.

Beat Bow Wow is one smart puppy, who's always up for learning something new, and moving and grooving, too! Fun head-bobbing action, lights, sounds & songs encourage and reward baby as they learn and play!
Beat Bow Wow is a brilliant way to encourage learning through having fun. He teaches colours and numbers through song and with the numbers and colours on his ears. He also teaches co-ordination and dancing skills with specific moves in his songs. All three of the kids love the 'Paws up, wag your tail' song and it is hilarious watching them throw their hands around and shaking their ears and bums around to the beat.


Review: Trolley Bags Original

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

I had heard so many rave reviews about Trolley Bags, but always thought how can they be SO much better than your average bag for life? Well they are more than just bags, they are more like a clever little system. We do most of our food shop at Aldi and everyone knows that the checkout system at Aldi is questionable. Your goods are practically thrown at you and you have to refill your trolley and pack near the windows after you have paid as allowing you to pack your bags at the till takes up more time and holds up queues. Now by shopping in Aldi you accept that. Your shopping is half the price of elsewhere and you would rather have a rushed checkout experience and save money.


Marvel Superhero Lunchbox Inspiration

Saturday, September 03, 2016

To celebrate the release of Captain America: Civil War this Monday, as well as the start of the new school year for many children across the UK, I was asked to create a superhero themed lunch.

children's toys

Review: Club Petz Yo Yo Panda

Friday, September 02, 2016

Gracie was recently sent the new Club Petz Yo Yo Panda to review from IMC Toys. Yo Yo is an adorable interactive Panda with lots of great features. You can feed her with the bamboo, although watch out as sometimes the smell of bamboo can make her sneeze.  You can soothe her to sleep with the bottle, she is a noisy sleeper and snores quite loudly. She loves to be tickled and will giggle along while you tickle her belly.