The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham Finding Dory Event

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We recently headed to The National Sea Life Centre in Bimingham for their Disney Pixar Finding Dory event which see's special activities available for visitors. Visitors to Sea Life this Summer can find out all about Blue Tangs and Clownfish just like Dory and Nemo. There is an interactive trail around the centre where you will discover facts about the real life versions of the movies most loveable characters.

It has been a long while since we last visited Sea Life Birmingham and so the kids were so pleased to see the Penguins! They learnt how high the penguins can jump and attempted to jump as high themselves. They also got to watch them diving into the water and swimming underneath. They are amazing creatures and fascinating to watch.

The kids enjoyed searching for the little fact boards in the tanks to help them fill in their trail booklets, although they managed to lose their booklets before we got to the end (oops) but there is a reward for completing them. I am not sure what the reward is as I tried to distract the kids from realising they had lost them or they would have been so upset! As well as the trail the kids managed to see so many exciting creatures. Elsie loved the jellyfish area thanks to the bright neon lighting. There were crafts on in the craft room including colouring in and badge making. The kids loved this and it was nice to have a break from the crowds and stop to do something creative.

They also loved the 4D cinema experience with an interactive showing of a special Octonauts episode. With shaking chairs and squirting water they thought it was hilarious. We then saw one of Gracie's favourite animals, she absolutely loves turtles and so seeing them along with the penguins really made her day! Towards the end there was a room with different areas to take Finding Dory themed photos, there was the bench above and a small booth to stand in so it looked like you were in a tank. The kids loved playing around and being silly in there.

Lastly, we got to go through the 360 tunnel, I remembered it from last time but the kids were left amazed watching all sorts of creatures swimming all around them. Gracie still talks about the Turtle that swam over her head, and you can see her in our video above telling everyone! We all had such a fun day out at the National Sea Life centre and will definitely return again soon. We would love for you to watch our video footage to see the centre in more detail as there is just so much there that I couldn't possibly write about it all!

The National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham is located on the Canal a short walk from the Bullring shopping Centre and so you can make a great day out with plenty of things to do nearby before or after. The Finding Dory event is on until 11th September so you still have time to pop by. You can book your tickets online at

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