Summer at Hatton Adventure World

Friday, August 05, 2016

On Tuesday, Me, Andy and the kids visited Hatton Adventure World at Hatton Country World. We are big fans of Hatton anyway, but this was our first visit this year and there is so much going on at the moment.

We picked THE worst day of the week to go as it poured down with rain and I wasn't armed with wellies but we had an awesome day and made sure we did as much as we could and ignored the constant showers. The first thing we did was vegetable picking. On entry all of the kids were given a little punnet to fill with peas or beans to take home with them so we decided to do it before the rain ruined the field completely. It was so much fun! The kids really enjoyed searching and picking so it was totally worth being almost ankle deep in the mud!

They then decided to go on the bouncy inflatables, there is a giant slide, bouncy castle and a climbing pyramid. Thanks to the weather it wasn't busy at all so they got each one to themselves and had so much fun. Poor Zach did completely soak his socks though on the wet inflatables and his canvas shoes were already so wet that he couldn't wear them and so had to go in Elsie's pushchair for the rest of the day unless being carried as there wasn't a hand dryer in any of the toilets to attempt to dry his things (will definitely take wellies next time).

Next we got to watch Water Wars! A brand new activity at 1pm-1.30pm and 3.30-4pm each day. Water Wars is new this Summer and Hatton is the only place this activity is available, in the West Midlands. You can challenge your friends/family or even strangers to an almighty splash war, catapulting water bombs at your opponents. This looked so fun! The kids wanted to do this but we already had one child with no socks and shoes and didn't want another. This would be amazing on a sunny day. I would love to see one of those giant dryers you can pay to use though like in theme parks. I would definitely recommend taking a spare pair of clothes with you as it did look like an awesome activity for the kids (and adults). If it had have been a sunny day me and Andy would have definitely enjoyed teaming up with the kids against each other.

Next we went into the Farmyard Favourites and Guinea Pig Village area to see all of the animals. Anyone who is a regular reader may have read about Gracie's fear of animals, which we are working on at the moment, trying to help her tackle her fears. We love seeing the animals and funnily enough Gracie likes animals from afar. It is the movement she is scared of and she winds herself up when she is anxious. I was so amazed that while we were in there she touched a goat and some guinea pigs. She was still very jumpy but she was so flipping proud of herself, as were we. You can actually see the footage I got in our best bits video of the day above.

Our last stop was the JCB area (This was our first time at this bit as I never knew it was there!), there is a small track laid out with petrol pumps, a load of JCB vehicles for different ages and ramps and obstacles for them to make their way around. All three of my kids loved this and were all completely able to play independently making their way around the track. I had to physically peel Elsie off one to go home so that was a hit!

Hatton Adventure World is such a great family day out for all ages. There are other activities for older children that I haven't experienced myself but regularly see children aged 8+ having a brilliant time thanks to the laser combat and survival skills activities.

You can purchase advance tickets online and see what is going on at

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