Review: Snoodie From Mama Designs

Thursday, August 04, 2016

I first discovered Mama Designs back when Zach was a baby. He was such a dribbly baby and after trying a Snoodie with him, I was so impressed. All of a sudden the past few weeks Elsie has been non stop dribbling. I had only recently given away all of the bibs in the house as they hadn't been used in so long, but then she started dribbling out of nowhere and it was so bad she started to get a rash on her neck. Cue major Mummy guilt. Thankfully I found one of Zach's old Snoodie's which I must have missed when having a clear out and so popped that straight on for her to keep the area dry.

A Snoodie is quite different to your average bib, mainly because of the shape. They are shorter than most bibs and sit like a scarf. They are also much thicker as they contain an inner absorbent layer. This means that when they get wet it doesn't soak straight through to the skin. They contain two poppers so the size is adjustable, although the Snoodie fits Elsie on both sizes, she much prefers the looser setting as it feels less restrictive and she tends to play with it more on the tighter setting. One of the brilliant things about Elsie wearing her Snoodie is that it completely protects the neck and underneath her chin and not just her clothing.

They also look super cute! She is always being complimented on them and I have found myself explaining what they actually are to a number of people. I must say they are one of my top recommended items to any new parents. They come in a range of different colours, the grey star is my favourite! They cost £6.95 each or you can buy a triple pack for £15. They are great value for money and even come out of the tumble dryer looking new which is great news for Winter.

You can find the whole Snoodie range at as well as all of the other brilliant products from Mama Designs.

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