Review: Bob The Builder R/C Super Scoop

Thursday, August 18, 2016

We were sent the Bob The Builder remote controlled R/C Super Scoop from Fisher Price to review.  It has four remote controlled actions, drive forward, turn, Dig and Scoop Stand. The scoop stand is hilarious, it is the digger equivalent to a handstand. Everytime it makes Zach panic and think he has broken it, and his face is a picture. I am so pleased I managed to capture it for our video (below). As well as being able to move around, the R/C Super Scoop talks and plays the Bob the Builder theme tune, which Zach loves to dance along to.

The remote control is very simple and contains just four buttons with illustrative pictures, so your child knows which button does what. It did take Zach a while to learn he has to hold down the button to make him drive forward, rather than continually pressing it making Scoop jolt forwards and stop. He soon got the hang of it and happily uses it to make him crash everywhere now! Luckily he is a very well made toy and seems very hardwearing. To get Scoop to talk you press the button shaped like a 'B' on his left hand side. He has a few different phrases as well as a snippet of the well known theme song.

Scoop himself contains batteries already, you need to provide 2 x AAA batteries for the remote control so he can be used. There is an on/off switch underneath (yay) so there is no danger of hearing the Bob the Builder theme tune at random times in the night. I think that the R/C Super Scoop will be a huge hit for kids this year. It is great fun for kids of all ages.

To celebrate the launch of the new Fisher Price toy range and the beginning of the school holidays, this awesome 6o tonne sand sculpture was built at Beach East by the Olympic Park in London last month. My kids would have loved it!

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