Saturday, August 13, 2016

Last month we were sent the AIRSTORM Z-Tek Bow and Firetek Rocket and we were so excited to use them. On of our favourite things to do on a sunny day is head to the park or our local field with some fun outdoor toys.

I was personally excited to try out the Z-Tek Bow, I would love to have a go at real archery one day! Both toys are aimed at children 8+ so they were both used with adult supervision and the kids did awesome considering as they were quite difficult for them to use.

Z-Tek Bow

The Airstorm Z-Tek Bow is the ultimate foam bow and arrow! Load up with a Zonic soft foam whistle arrow, pull back, then READY, AIM, FIRE! Watch as the arrow screams over 38 meters! Set up some cans for target practice, or shoot against a wall for bounce back action!

The Z-Tek bow comes with three soft foam arrows, 2 of which are the Zonic style arrows and 1 Zartz suction cup arrow. They all load the same way, by simply hooking the arrow on the loops, pulling back and releasing to fire. We all had so much fun with this and it was actually easy for the kids after a few practice goes too. Thankfully the bright orange colour makes them easy to find in the grass as they travel quite far and are so fast! Also the foam ends mean that if they accidentally hit people or property (although not recommended!) it won't do any damage, which is a necessity for kids!
Firetek Rocket

Light up the day or night with the Firetek Rocket! With a bungee-launched system-and now with Blazing Light-Up Power! Fire up the Firetek whistling rockets then READY, AIM, FIRE! Watch as they light up the sky and scream through the air up to 75 metres! You've got the power with the Firetek Rocket!

The Firetek Rocket attaches to the launcher by hooking to the elastic hoop and pulling downwards. Whilst releasing you flick your wrist forwards so your thumb is facing upwards as the rocket launches from the launcher. This one was a bit more difficult for the kids but they gave it a good go and had lots of fun trying. The power can be turned on or off for the sounds and lights.

The Airstorm toys were so much fun! It is something that can be enjoyed as a family, parents and kids together. We all had lots of fun playing. I would recommend playing somewhere spacious and safe (away from roads etc) as the arrows and rockets can travel quite far. We chose a local field with trees either side away from any cars.

I would definitely recommend the Airstorm toys range! They are great value for money and are available to buy now from Argos

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