Introducing Flynn! Our RSPCA Rescue Kitten

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

At the weekend we picked up the latest member of our family, Flynn. He is around 13/14 weeks old and we adopted him through the RSPCA. Flynn had been found abandoned in a shed at around 5 weeks old and a couple of weeks ago his little face popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. He just had the cutest fluffy face and his name was one of my top name choices when pregnant with Zach. So it seemed like life was just telling me to look at him. After the second and third pictures days later also popping up I spoke to Andy and he could see that I really wanted to go see him.

I have never been a huge cat lover but my Dad and Stepmum have two lovely cats that they got as kittens when I was a teenager and I have quite an attachment to them and I have a huge attachment to them. With Flynn he just had that look about him and his sad backstory and we just really wanted to give him a loving home.

Now with Gracie being scared of ALL animals it was such a hard decision whether or not we should get a pet. So we decided to take her to see him and see how it went. My friend took us over to the RSPCA and we got to meet him. He was so confident yet so mellow, he happily walked around the table of the meeting room and was handled without a care in the world. Zach immediately took to him and Elsie was laughing at him nervously. Gracie was jumpy and kept away from him but did stroke him. So we arranged another meeting the next day. This time Andy came and Gracie was great she wasn't as scared and happily touched him, then afterwards when we visited Hatton Adventure World she started touching loads of animals (which she usually wouldn't consider doing). So we decided to go for it as he seemed to be helping her conquer her fears already.

Well on Saturday I picked him up and bought him home. As soon as I opened the pet carrier he made himself at home. He is so used to human company that he loves the attention and is scared of no one. Even Elsie who is poking and prodding him and being her usual loud self at all times, hasn't managed to upset him yet! Zach has found his best friend for life. He absolutely adores him and loves his kitten cuddles already. Gracie has been so on and off. She is terrified when he runs or jumps and has mostly avoided him. She says she loves him and wants to keep him and she is getting so frustrated with herself for being so scared. It has been such hard work. Today I have seen an improvement, she is trying to calm herself when he makes her jump and we are working on ways to help her. I am really hoping that we can help her overcome her fear as he is just the perfect little kitten and is so gentle that I think that they could be so good together.

I will be writing updates on Flynn and hopefully his progress with Gracie. I would love to eventually be able to write tips that could help other children in her situation.

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