Back To School Product Guide

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Just one week left until the kids return, or start, school and I am sure this week will fly by. If like me, you have been so busy entertaining kids that you are suddenly panicking about those last minute back to school items, I have put this little guide together with some great ideas.

When it comes to homework, my kids really enjoy putting lots of effort into each and every piece. Zach didn't get much homework in pre-school but now that he is going into Nursery, they tend to get them prepared by giving them fun tasks every now and then. So this personalised pencil case from BornGifted, which comes with 12 coloured pencil crayons, is great for him to keep all his crayons together ready for completing his homework. Having his own little set in his personalised tin makes him feel more grown up and organised to do his work like Mummy. The tins come in a range of different designs and colours to suit the interests of your child. The personalised pencil case including crayons costs £14.99 and is available

For my little rock star Gracie, I had this personalised notebook created from itsyourstory. She loves reading and writing and she now has her own personalised book to write down all of her stories and practice her spellings. She will be going into year 1 next week and I think she will be so overwhelmed by the workload that somewhere to write whatever she wants will do her some good. Almost like a beginners diary. Also, she thinks it is really cool. Ever since she could talk she has insisted she wants to be a rock star and play a guitar when she is older and she thinks the photo of her as a rock star is hilarious! The book has 100 lined pages and a hardback cover, it is also available in a range of other characters to suit your child's personality This personalised notebook is available at and costs £12.50
A few years back when Zach was learning to walk, I invested in a LittleLife backpack reins set. It was such a worthwhile buy as I still use it with Elsie and it is still in perfect condition as it is fantastic quality. What I didn't know, is that they also sell these really cool SchoolPaks. With a cute design which seems to be the LittleLife signature, handy side pockets for bottles, harness on the straps and a side zip into a front pocket, the SchoolPak is perfect for school. As well as the Owl design they also have a Crocodile version. The straps are all padded to make it as comfortable as possible which you definitely want for small children. The whole bag has a lovely high quality feel to it with padded material all over. Gracie has taken it out shopping a few times and loves it. She can't wait to take it to school. The LittleLife SchoolPak is available at and costs £19.99.
If you are looking for an easy to clean lunchbox. Sistema are the go to brand. They sell a large range of  items including this Triple Split lunchbox, with different sections and a small yoghurt pot which fits inside. They are perfect for either children or adults. They are such brilliant quality, the lunchbox has a clip to close lid which is easy to use and seals it tight enough to keep your food nice and fresh. It is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. The Sistema Hydrate 475ml hourglass bottle is another great product which is easily cleaned. It has a flip top lid with a secure snap closure for easy drinking and a large opening for refilling and cleaning. There is no need to worry about the horrible stagnant smell you eventually get from most children's water bottles as the lid is fully washable. These are available to buy at most supermarkets and department stores across the UK online and in store. The bottles can also be bought in two packs which work out cheaper! Prices vary at each stockist but I have included some Amazon links below.

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