Review: Hartley's Mixed Berry Glitter Jelly

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

We were recently sent an awesome parcel from Hartley's Jelly containing a kit fit for the party of any Princess/Prince. The parcel contained the brand new Mixed Berry Glitter Jelly, some party hats, a jelly mould, magic wands, streamers and lots of sparkle. We go through lots of jelly in this house, yay for yummy dairy free treats!, so I don't know who was more excited! Our usual favourite is the create your own flavour as we like to be imaginative, but blue and glitter! It is like they knew how much the kids love Elsa from Frozen and created the perfect Frozen party dessert.

I must say never before in my life have I managed to make jelly in a mould and transfer in onto a plate in one piece but TA-DAH. I did it and all the cool mum points were earned
that day. Of course I got video footage as proof forever that I managed to do it. The video also shows you how I managed it and yes it is really easy!

As you can see these two little people loved it. They loved having a pretend glitter jelly party after school where we had fun food, followed by fun dessert, party hats and lots of noise. What more could a kid wish for?

Hartley's Mixed Berry Glitter Jelly will be joining the rest of the range in a supermarket near you very shortly so keep a look out. Also the social media team absolutely love to see your creations and hear your thoughts on the range so make sure you tweet them @HartleysJelly they are a friendly bunch!

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