Back To School With Shoes From Debenhams

Monday, July 11, 2016

Every year I spend a fortune on expensive school shoes for the kids to either grow out of them after a few months or for them to look so scruffy before the first term is even over. The fact I have two in school doesn't make back to school shopping any easier or cheaper. This year I am super organised and have their new shoes already thanks to Debenhams.

I was given a £50 voucher to spend in store, the only instructions being to buy school shoes. Now with my previous shoe shopping experiences, I had genuinely thought that a £50 voucher would cover one and a half pairs of shoes. I thought I would have to put money towards the second pair. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the prices in store, especially as all of the back to school items had great savings offers on. Both pairs were just £16 each and had 20% off so worked out at £12.80 each! Both pairs look and feel like they are great quality. I did find the sizing a bit strange. Gracie is a size 11, I picked up two pairs of size 11 shoes for her to try on. One fitted perfectly and the other looked at least one size too big for her as there was a huge gap between her foot and the back of the shoe so I do recommend trying them on for size before buying.

There was a great selection of  boys shoes to choose from and I was so pleased they did nice boys shoes in small sizes as it can be quite difficult buying for young boys. Last year we ended up with annoying  (and expensive) flashing light shoes as it was pretty much all that was available in the size we needed but I think these trainer style shoes are really smart and comfortable looking. They also look like they will be nice and easy for him to put on and take off without much assistance.

I wasn't as impressed with the choices for young girls. There were so many lovely girls shoes but I could only find two or three different ones that came in a size 11 and I was really hoping to get a pair of buckle shoes this year, which they only seemed to do in older girl styles. After looking online since, I have noticed that all the shoes I liked that looked like they started in older sizes are in fact available in a size 11, so there is probably more of what is popular in stores. I know next time to check click and collect  online or ask to order in store.  I do really like the pair that she has chosen though. They look well made and very comfortable and the soles feel like they will be very hardwearing.

Obviously with only having spent £25.60 I still had money left over and so I managed to pick up some clothing too. There was also 20% of back to school clothing so I picked up a pack of two polo shirts which were just £5.60 from £7, and a beautiful pinafore dress for £8 from £10.

It is unbelievable what I got for my money and with just over £10 left over out of £50. I am hoping that the shoes are as good as they look and if so, it is shocking that for Gracie I have got almost a whole uniform including shoes for less than I usually pay for one pair of school shoes. I think I will definitely be using Debenhams again in future.

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