Zelf's Mary Go-Round, Review & How To Claim Yours Free!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The 6th Limited Edition Zelfs is now available for redemption. Mary Go-Round, the Carousel Pony Zelfs is the rarest Zelf yet! There are just 400 available to claim in the UK. The Zelfs series 6 collection will be available to buy in stores from the end of July.

Mary Go-Round
Carousel Pony Zelf

Zelf bio: Life does have it's ups and downs and sometimes this Zelf feels like she's going 'round in circles! No time to get giddy! When she really wants something, she keeps on going till she's got it.

Fabitat: A Rainbow Round-a-bout

Zelf Power: Enchantment. Never give up on yourself.

Birthday: Horses' Birthday August 1st

Mary Go-Round is a beautiful Zelf Pony with gorgeous pink hair and a turquoise metallic body. She is so pretty and Gracie absolutely loves her. She is perfect for children aged 5 and over with brushable hair and cute accessories. As she is limited edition, she is available only to Zelf fans (old and new!). Mary Go-Round, the limited edition Zelf, can be redeemed for free at www.evolutioncomps.co.uk/carouselponyzelf. To redeem all you need is £30 worth of 2016 receipts.

Zelf fans can also join the Zelfs club www.zelfsclub.co.uk for more competitions and Zelf news.

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