Review: Red 5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This Father's Day, you can find some amazing gadgets to suit every Dad at Red 5. From games to office accessories to a huge range of TV & movie merchandise. I was sent a few items of my choosing from a huge selection of great gift ideas to show you and hopefully give you a few ideas.


Whether he is House Stark or House Lannister, treat him to the breakfast mug of Kings. Hopefully we will see House Stark return to it's former glory soon, not that the Lannister's are doing too well at the moment either. With Season 6 about to hit the big climax it is perfect timing to give the gift of Game of Thrones this Father's Day. I have to say I love that the box has the Nights Watch vows on the back as an added touch. This mug is awesome and Andy best watch out because I may have to steal it!
Storm Trooper Bowl £8.95

What better way to eat your breakfast before a long day at work than to start on the dark side. I have lots of fond memories of watching Star Wars with my Dad back when I was a kid and it makes me so happy to now share that with my children. I was so shocked that Andy had never watched all the films ( I know, what planet did he live on?) so I also introduced the films to him along with the kids. It is now a firm favourite and is a series that is watched over and over again on family movie nights. Zach's love for all things Star Wars means that Andy is instantly reminded of him whenever he see's anything Star Wars and of course it is Zach's first choice when it comes to buying presents!

I also have to say, who wouldn't be instantly uplifted by a Storm Trooper bowl first thing in the morning? I know I would and the Darth Vader tune would be firmly lodged in my brain for the rest of the day.

Key Finder £3.95

Andy is forever losing his car keys. Of course they are likely to be anywhere but the key cabinet  bought especially to keep all of our keys. This key finder key ring attaches to your set of keys and then when you have next lost them, simply whistle or clap and you are sure to find them! The key finder is a great novelty yet handy gift that I am sure will come in handy for most Dads.

As you can see these are just a few of the great gifts available for Father's Day. There is so much more to suit all kinds of budgets and tastes. You can shop for the perfect Father's Day Gifts at Red 5 online or in store.


I was sent the items featured for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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