Review: Miles Kelly Question & Answer Books

Monday, June 20, 2016

Anyone with a 5 year old will understand the struggle of the constant questioning stage. I feel like I should change my name to Google or Siri. Gracie is such a curious child and loves to question everything and gain knowledge, not that I would expect any less as I am the same and so is my Dad. Just simply watching a TV programme has us researching to find out everything there is to learn on the subject. As much as I love it, I feel that it isn't quite the same just being told answers rather than learning them yourself in a more visual way. Gracie was sent the new range of Question & Answer books from Miles Kelly Publishing and I couldn't wait to see how we got on.

There are three books in the collection, Ocean, Animals and Science. Each book is full of facts, questions and activities, perfect for Gracie's age. The books are really attractive to look at with their glittery covers covered in awesome inviting pictures. Inside is just as exciting with plenty of pictures and sections of writing that stand out so much they look like they are jumping from the page. I have to say whilst flicking through myself, I found so many interesting facts which even I didn't know already. So reading them with Gracie meant that we were both learning together.

Gracie has been so impressed with the books and whenever she gets a chance to sit down, has been picking one up to have a look through. As she is still getting to grips with reading, it is still too difficult for her to read by herself but it is perfect for a guided reading activity. I will quite happily sit with her while she tries to read and explain to me what is going on on each page. All three books have been of interest to her. She has recently took a huge interest in Science, declaring this weekend that she would like to be a part-time Astronaut (She doesn't want to miss school of course!)

I am sure these books are going to be great for helping with homework too. Just recently Gracie had a piece of homework where she had to make a project about her favourite animal, following a Safari Park trip, and they had to write facts about their chosen animal and present it to the class. They regularly do nice fun projects like this to do with what they are learning at school so I am sure that the books will be put to good use then!

The Question & Answers collection is available to buy at They are £7.49 each, which I would usually consider expensive for a book but these are worth every single penny. You can't put a price on knowledge!

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