Review: Funky Giraffe Hair Accessories

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Whilst at The Baby Show I bumped into the team at Funky Giraffe Bibs. I have worked with them a few times mainly back when Zach was a baby and was pleased to see that they have just launched some beautiful baby headbands. The headbands are lovely, comfortable and stretchy. Elsie is always confused for a boy, unless I dress her in obviously girly clothes. Must be her boisterous cheeky attitude!

Despite the fact she is fearless and likes to get into mischief like her brother, she has a big sister who loves make up and hair accessories and so will run over with a hairbrush and box of hair accessories wanting a turn too. I don't like putting anything too tight or restrictive on her little head and her hair is a little too short for hairclips still. So I love that these headbands are completely perfect for her. They also draw attention to her beautiful face too!

As well as headbands, they also have a range of hairclips too. They are crocodile style rather than clippy ones and so are much more comfortable. Elsie has really fine hair but surprisingly it still sits really nicely in her hair. Although, I have found it falls out easily when she is running around lots. I am sure it will stay in place better when her hair starts to thicken up. Her sister loves these kind of clips and it would actually look really nice on her too as it is quite a good size.

The headbands are £3.50 each. There are different styles which are different prices but the bow style ones are all £3.50 each. The hairclips are all £2 each and come in different styles. I think these are great prices and the products are so lovely! I am sure you will all agree that Elsie looks super cute in her new accessories?!

You can see the full range of Funky Giraffe accessories at

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  1. These are cute - I love the hairbands, my niece would love them x

  2. I love little girls wearing hair accessories.These look so very cute.

  3. I really struggled finding hair accessories when Eliza was a baby - fab they are doing these now