Review: Chubby Puppies & Friends

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Gracie was recently sent a Chubby Puppies & Friends fashion carrier play set from Spinmaster toys. I had never heard of Chubby Puppies before but it turns out they are cute little animal friends that can walk and play and they seem very popular! We got a 'tuxedo shorthair cat' which Gracie has named Daisy. Each set has a different theme, ours was a garden theme and included in the set was; Tuxedo Shorthair, butterfly headband, butterfly outfit, bee headband, bee outfit, butterfly accessory (Gracie insists this is the pets key to get home) and pet carrier.

Gracie loves the fashion carrier set, she really likes that she can dress her up as a bumble bee or butterfly, especially as she actually walks like a kitty by simply switching the on switch underneath her. I must say she is a very cute cat with lovely green eyes. She is actually the same colour as my Dad's two cats which the kids think is great.

One of the only problems we have had is if she is dropped she can fall apart! It is easy to put her back together but the ears do come out separately and are quite small so do be careful around younger children. Other than that the kids have really enjoyed playing with her and have already asked to add Chubby Puppies onto Birthday/Christmas lists. They also do an 'Ultimate Dog Park' with slide which the kids think looks amazing (It does look quite fun!).

There are lots of Chubby Puppies and friends to collect or choose from and they are available to buy at most good toy retailers.

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