Hotter Shoes Stratford-Upon-Avon #ShoesieTuesday

Thursday, May 12, 2016

On Tuesday evening, I attended an event at Hotter Shoes store in Stratford-Upon-Avon. I was picked up by Hannah (A New Addition) and her Mum Angie (A Creative Life) so we could have a lovely girly night and enjoy the company of the lovely Hotter staff and some equally lovely local bloggers.

We arrived in time for some very tasty food and drinks before they started a presentation all about Hotter shoes and their comfort concept. Hotter started off making slippers and now they make shoes as comfortable as slippers. The secret Comfort Concept features in every pair include cushioning, flexibility, lightness and wiggle room for toes. In February 2010 there were just 5 Hotter stores, today there are over 80. They are now the biggest shoe manufacturer in the UK, making a pair of shoes every 20 seconds!

We all got to choose a pair of shoes to take home and I really didn't know what to choose. There were so many lovely pairs to choose from. I ended up deciding to go for something summery and opted for the Roxanne wedges in tan. They actually didn't have the tan in my size as they have been flying off the shelves! So they gave me a white pair to try on and were going to order me a pair in. However, when I tried them on I kind of fell in love with the white pair. I never usually go for white shoes and already have a few tan pairs so that was my decision made.

Don't they look great?! I also created a video showing some of the highlights of the event and some of the shoes that the different bloggers chose. You can also see some of their beautiful range of bags. There really is a shoe for everyone at Hotter Shoes, the brilliant expert staff will help you get the best fit possible so you leave happy in the knowledge that your feet will be comfortable and stylish!

You can see the full range of shoes at

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  1. I've always thought these where for older women. Not a young modern mum

    1. Yes so many people have that view of Hotter but they have so many lovely styles.

    2. Yes so many people have that view of Hotter but they have so many lovely styles.