Review: Biscuiteers 'New Kid On The Block' Biscuit Tin

Friday, April 22, 2016

'Why send flowers when you can send biscuits instead?' Biscuiteers is a luxury biscuit company whose aim is to bring joy to others through their beautifully decorated edible treats. Each biscuit is baked and hand decorated to a high standard. They have collections to suit all tastes and occasions.

I was sent a 'New Kid On The Block' biscuit tin to review. The tin contained 16 new baby themed biscuits including a pram, teddy bears, baby vests, booties and rattles. Each biscuit was individually stuck down (using icing) with 3 or 4 on each layer to avoid them crashing around and breaking in the delivery process. I was so impressed that not even one was slightly damaged when I received them. They are delivered in a cute themed tin, this one says 'New Baby' on the lid and 'Congratulations' on the front. You open the tin to find tissue paper sealed with an elegant Biscuiteers sticker.

The tin is brilliant, our biscuits lasted just over a week (much longer than I expected in this house) and stayed fresh the entire time so it will definitely be reused by us. What I really loved about the Biscuiteers tin was that I had something to offer to friends and family, when they visited and the biscuits were a great talking point.

Not only do the biscuits look great, but they are arguably the best biscuits I have ever tasted! And I like my biscuits. The biscuits themselves are quite soft, but not in a stale way, like they just melt in your mouth and the icing gives it the crunch. You can really taste the vanilla flavour.

I think that Biscuiteers are the perfect gift. Considering the amount of money you would spend on a nice bunch of flowers and other gifts for a new mum, these are so unique and I found nice food to snack on whilst feeding the baby was exactly what I craved when I left the hospital. They would definitely make a gift to remember. I think they would be great for so many other occasions too and I will definitely be ordering some in the future for friends and family. I absolutely love the look of the superhero collection! They do awesome Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman gingerbread biscuits.

The products all range in price, this collection with 16 biscuits in a collectible tin, costs £39.50. You can view everything they have to offer at

* I was sent the items featured for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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