#TamarinTrail Opening At Drayton Manor

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We recently got some amazing news, after our day out last month to Drayton Manor for our first visit to Thomas Land, we were chosen to become Drayton Manor ambassadors for 2016. I was so surprised to learn that we were chosen despite there being so many amazing blogger's also hoping for the role. On Friday, we were invited to our first event as ambassadors, along with the others who were chosen, to view the new #TamarinTrail before it opened to the public and be amongst the visitors afterwards for the opening ceremony.

I decided the best way to show you the Tamarin Trail would be to create a video of the experience. It is a great themed trail with big spacious enclosures for the Tamarin's to run and jump and climb to their hearts content. They seemed so settled and happy in their new environment. You can see lots of footage in our video below;

The Tamarin Trail offers visitors the opportunity to walk through the attraction, getting nose- to-nose with the 'mustached' marmosets. It features eight new enclosures housing a variety of species, including the White Lipped Tamarin, Red Handed Tamarin, Emperor Tamarin, Cotton Top Tamarin and the Common Marmoset. 

We had so much fun on the trail. The kids loved watching the Tamarin's so much that we walked around twice to make sure we hadn't missed anything. They are fascinating animals to watch and it is so nice seeing them all swinging around happily in their enclosures which are much bigger than their previous homes. 

There were lots of guests waiting for the opening ceremony so they could take a look and everybody seemed impressed with what they saw!

You can access the zoo and Tamarin Trail for free when you purchase park tickets. If you book in advance online you can save up to 40% on ticket prices.

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