Blaze & The Monster Machines Fisher Price Toys Review #NickJrBlaze

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Join us this Wednesday (16th March 1pm-3pm) for an action packed Blaze & The Monster Machines Twitter party. With an hour long special 'Race to the top of the World' being aired on Nick Jr and a look at the brand new Fisher Price Blaze & The Monster Machines toy range and plenty of giveaways throughout the party, it is bound to be full of excitement.

We received a package of Blaze & The Monster Machine goodies last week containing a selection of the new toy range and some fun activities for us to complete at the party with our guests.

We have had a few days to play with the toys before hand so can tell you a little about them before the party;

Transforming Turbo Launcher ( RRP £12.99)

The new transforming turbo launcher comes with a die-cast Blaze and two accessories that can transform Blaze into a helpful helicopter or a hang gliding Monster Machine. You can press the launchers button to hear revving sounds and then press the spoiler to send Blaze speeding into action to save the day.

Me and Zach made a video straight after unboxing which shows us figuring out how the Transforming Turbo Launcher works. You can watch us playing with the turbo launcher below.

Slam & Go Vehicles ( RRP £9.99)

It's race day in Axle city, and Blaze & the Monster Machines Slam & Go trucks are ready for some high-octane action. Start your engines- race fans can press down on Blaze, Crusher or Stripes to watch these race-ready vehicles speed off for their next action-packed adventure.

We received a Slam & Go Blaze vehicle. Zach loves how fast he goes. You can see in our next video below just how fast he can move and how easy it is for a child to use. I would have loved to have received a few of these to make them race and see who is the fastest!

Transforming Blaze Jet ( RRP £19.99) 

When the going gets tough, watch as Blaze transforms into any machine imaginable and tackle the problem at hand, just like the new Fisher Price Transforming Blaze Jet! Blaze fans can lift Blaze up to see his jet wings automatically pop out and transform from a road-ready Monster Machine to a high-flying hero who uses thrust to zoom into aerodynamic action! As pre-schoolers fly Blaze in jet mode, they can listen out for fun flying sounds and phrases. When Blaze lands back on the ground he'll race back into Monster Machine mode with more sounds and phrases to match.

This time I had all of my mini assistants help to make a video of the Transforming Blaze Jet in action. Watch the video below to see all the cool things that the Transforming Blaze Jet can do. I think it is pretty awesome!

If you like the look of the Fisher Price Blaze & the Monster Machines toy range and want to see more, you have some mini Blaze fans at home or you simply just want to chat to fellow adults, then join us at 1pm Wednesday for lots of fun and the chance to win some great prizes. Follow @CarlyMarkham1 @UKMumstv @NickJrUK and use the #NickJrBlaze hashtag in your tweets.

The new Fisher Price range is available to buy from Argos and Smyths Toy Superstores.

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