The Social Life Of A Five Year Old

Saturday, February 20, 2016

It is Friday night and apart from the on/off cries of the baby upstairs, I am sat trying to relax ready for a weekend of escorting Gracie to her different social events. That's right, my 5 year old has a social life that most adults would be envious of. I am quite sure that I am not alone in this as once they hit school age it seems between parties and extra curricular activities there is not much time for rest.

So far this year, Gracie has had a party almost every Saturday followed by her Stagecoach class on a Sunday. I mean I am not complaining, that girl loves her life! She counts down all week until the weekend where she gets to throw on her party clothes, get taken to a venue with all of her friends and run around, eat party food and take home a selection of cake and sweets then spend the next day singing, dancing and performing with her new found friends at Stagecoach. What's not to love?

Last weekend, I went out on Saturday night for drinks with some fellow mums from the school. It was the first time, bar blog conferences, that I have been out drinking since Gracie was a baby. It was a great night but was really strange to be socialising for the sake of having fun. I only usually get out like that if someone gets engaged or dies (Thankfully not often!).

The funniest thing is, I love it. I love to see her enjoying herself and having fun with her friends. I like having conversations with other parents and if I am with Gracie, 9 times out of 10 Andy has the other two kids so it is like a break to me! 

God help me when I have three of them in school though!

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