Review: Tiger Prints Unicorn T-shirt

Friday, February 19, 2016

Gracie is a little girl who loves fashion! She puts so much thought and effort into what she wants to wear and definitely has a more stylish wardrobe than I have! When we were offered a T-shirt of our choice from Tiger Prints, we were spoilt for choice. Then we spotted the Unicorn T-shirt and it had Gracie written all over it! She is a huge fan of ponies and unicorns as a My Little Pony fanatic. We decided to choose the hot pink out of the large range of colours available as we knew it would look great with lots of her skirts and trousers and she really does suit pink.

The T-shirt is lovely, the material is great quality as is the print. The size of the print is perfect. Gracie loves the colour and is so pleased with the T-shirt. The sizing is very generous. Gracie is in aged 5-6 years clothing and the T-shirt we received was 5-6 and fits great and seems as though it will for a long time still.

What I really love about the Tiger Prints website is that they don't stick to the girls must have pink girly animals and boys must like blue/green dinosaurs. I found Unicorns in the girls and boys sections AND dinosaurs in each. All of which are available in a choice of colours so you can choose pretty much whatever you want.  Along with the Unicorn tee I had been very tempted by a Dinosaur or Narwhal T-shirt as they are so cute!

The T-shirts cost £12 each which I think is great for the quality and great service! You can see all of the brilliant products at

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  1. She is so gorgeous I love that t-shirt! I think my boys now NEED unicorn t-shirts!!! x

  2. Love this t-shirt and she looks just adorable in it

    1. Thanks! it is so lovely and goes so well with everything!