Elsie's First Shoes!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This weekend we decided it was time to take Elsie in to town and get her fitted for her first pair of walking shoes. She will be 18 months old later this month and started walking just after turning 16 months. Like her big sister she has been a late walker, she has certainly got the hang of it quickly though! 

We took her into our local Clarks to be measured, the same place as her brother and sister before her. As she isn't shy in the slightest we found it so easy compared to the other two. She sat chatting away to the lady measuring her feet, which are a teeny tiny 3H! She then ran around the shop floor playing with display shoes and tidying them back away while she waited for the lady to bring out whichever shoes were available in her size. There were only two available so we tried both on and chose some cute pink buckled shoes which looked nicer as she has a bit of an instep and so her feet looked like they bulged out of the other pair available. 

It was so strange seeing her running around the shop in her proper big girl shoes afterwards. You would think third time around things wouldn't shock me as much, but I think as she is our 'baby' it seemed all the more strange that she is now at that point where she can just simply walk around outside of the house. She does not like holding hands at all though and has a tendency to run off at any given chance so it will be a while before she is ready for the freedom of walking anywhere!

It is just one of those things that is a big deal though isn't it? When they start to walk they become more independent and they suddenly jump from being a baby to being a toddler. I don't think I was as ready for this stage with Elsie as I thought I was! She does look super cute in them though!

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  1. Aww! What a special milestone...It is such a big deal!!
    My girls went to Clarks for their first shoes too. I still have them in a box stored away upstairs. hehehe

    1. I know! I have Gracie's first pair in a box somewhere too. Zach ruined his though being a typical boy!

  2. OMG how is she big enough for shoes? She has gotten so big.
    Loving her big girl shoes

    1. I know she has all of a sudden gone from baby to toddler! It makes me so sad! x