Why Everyone Should Own At Least One Pair Of Brogues

Friday, January 29, 2016

Photo credit M and M Direct

I love shoes. In fact, I spend more time than is healthy browsing online shoe sales. I love how big a choice there is when it comes to styles. One of the most versatile shoe styles is of course Brogues. Brogues are a strong leather shoe with decorative perforations along the visible edges.

  • They are very easy to adapt from a casual to a smart outfit.
  • Suitable for all style seasons.
  • comfortable and yet sturdy.
  • Not just for men, they are a staple piece of your wardrobe.
  • Perfect for lunch with friends or an androgynous even look if you're feeling more edgy.
  • They are a reoccurring timeless fashion.
  • They look great in shoe or boot form.
  • They commonly have steel caps in four different styles so even ideal for most workplaces.
  • They really are an investment piece
  • They are incredibly hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

Well if that hasn't encouraged you to take the plunge and purchase a pair, then I don't know what will! 

I would love to know, How would you wear yours? My personal favourite look is with a skirt or dress to show them off.

*This is a collaborative post

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