Teletubbies New Toy Range Review!

Monday, January 11, 2016

If you saw my post on the Teletubbies the other day, you will already know that there was an exciting launch coming up with a range of Teletubbies toys from Character Options. I can now reveal what was in our box...

The Tubby Custard Machine Train RRP £29.99

The Tubby Custard Machine is brand new to the TV series and so has never been seen before as a toy. Children can pull the string on the Tubby Custard MAchine and when they do, all four of the Teletubbies spin around in the adjoining cups. The machine lights up and also plays music and funny custard splat sound effects. Both Zach and Elsie have loved playing with the Tubby Custard Machine. Zach happily pulls it around the room laughing at the sound effects and Elsie likes to use it by pressing the buttons on the machine to set off the sound effects. It is definitely a toy suitable for different age ranges with so many features for them to enjoy.

8 inch talking Teletubbies soft toys RRP £9.99

Each Teletubby is available as a 8 inch talking soft toy. We received a Dipsy and a Laa-Laa. You simply press their tummy to hear them say their iconic phrases. These went down so well. All three kids love them. Gracie decided she wanted Laa-Laa and Zach wanted Dipsy so there was no arguing. Although they left poor Elsie out. Luckily they have let her share and so she has been cuddling them every day while she watches the same two episodes of the Teletubbies on repeat. I have found they have really found themselves attached to these toys and they are lovely quality. 

6 inch Teletubbies soft toys RRP £6.99

Each Teletubby is also available in a 6 inch soft toy. We received a 6 inch Po soft toy. Elsie really loves her Po. It is the perfect size for small children and babies. It is so soft and cuddly that it would make a perfect first toy and the fact it doesn't talk means it is easily washed if when it gets a bit grubby. 

Four Figure Family Pack RRP £9.99

The four figure family pack contains one of each Teletubby. Two in sitting down position and two in standing position. They are really sturdy figures and the perfect size for little hands. I love that they are not flexible or easily broken so I don't have to worry about Elsie swallowing anything and can let her happily play with them. They are very detailed too and so look identical to the characters on the TV show.

Collectables Figures RRP £3.99

The collectable figures are the same size figures as the family pack. We received Tinky Winky with his token red bag. I'm not sure what other figures are available in this collection but I would assume you could get the other Teletubbies with their favourite items. These are £3.99 each so would work out a little more expensive than buying the family pack but would definitely be worth picking up your child's favourite character if they have one.

There are many more items available in the toy collection but the ones above are the ones we have personally tried out. Our favourites have definitely been the Tubby Custard Machine Train and the soft toys. I would have loved to try out the Lullaby Laa-Laa night light toy with Elsie as it sounds perfect for her age and The Superdome Playset looks really cool. My kids are now hardcore Teletubbies fans and so I am sure these toys will be very well loved.

The Teletubbies toys will be available at Smyths Toy Stores

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