Teletubbies New Toy Range Coming Soon...

Monday, January 04, 2016

Over the hills and far away.... That's right, they are back! I have been trusted with a very special big reveal. The new Teletubbies range of toys is released next week and we will be reviewing them ahead of the launch. So I actually have a box full of top secret toys here which I actually can't show you until next Monday.

I was just 6 when Teletubbies were around the first time around and me and my younger brother were hooked. I was a Lala fan and he was a Po fan. We had the soft toys and we even made our Dad make us Teletubbie toast for breakfast with a really 'cool' toast cutter we got in the Teletubbies magazine. 

To help us with our testing, I have been watching a few episodes of the Teletubbies on Youtube with the kids who love it. We haven't yet caught the brand new series on CBeebies as we are never up early enough! We have been naughty and had a sneak peek at the toys before Christmas but now that all the Christmas stuff is cleared away we will be giving them thorough testing over the next week so we can share our thoughts on the range.

For now I will leave you with this picture... Don't forget to join us Monday!

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