Review: Little Tiger Press Christmas Books

Monday, December 07, 2015

Every year I look for new Christmas books as part of our book advent. I was sent a bundle of Christmas books from Little Tiger Press to review and after reading them all through once or twice, most are now safely wrapped waiting to be opened for some Christmas reading.

One Snowy Rescue 

One morning Little Hedgehog wakes up to find everything covered in deep snow. ''Oh my!'' he cries. ''Poor Mouse will be snowed in!'' and he sets off at once to rescue her. But the snow keeps falling and soon it's Little Hedgehog who needs a helping hand...

This is a lovely little story about a hedgehog who wakes up to find he has been snowed in. After clearing his own path, he sets out in search of mouse to rescue her from the snow. On his way he comes across some friends who all end up working together to find their way. We really enjoyed this story. On each and every page Little Hedgehog's hat has a soft velvety feel and the kids loved looking out for it to touch it each time. The story is great at showing how things work out better with help from friends! 

Is It Christmas Yet?

Christmas is coming and Ted is SO excited, he's just about ready to pop! ''Is it Christmas yet?'' he cries. ''IS IT CHRISTMAS YET?'' Poor Ted- will it EVER be Christmas?

This story is about Ted, a very impatient bear, who just can't wait for Christmas. This is a really cute book which we can all relate to. I hear quite often 'Is it Christmas yet' or 'Is it nearly Christmas' and I am sure I more than likely said it many times myself when I was their age! The illustrations are great and it is a really nice family story. Gracie and Zach thought this story was really funny as it is just like them!

Waiting for Santa

It's Christmas Eve in the forest. ''Will Santa bring us presents?'' squeaks Mouse. ''Of course not!'' huffs Badger. ''Santa doesn't even know we are here.'' But clever Bear has a plan. ''We just have to believe!'' he tells them. Will Santa really come?

I really liked this one. It really captures the magic of Christmas and shows that Santa won't forget anyone who believes. Bear never stops believing and along with his friends, decorates a big tree and finds the biggest brightest star on the top so that Santa can't miss it! They are all so pleased when Santa shows up. 

The Magical Snow Garden

Far away, where snowflakes twinkle like stars, little Wellington penguin dreams of growing a garden. “Impossible!” say his friends. “You can’t grow a garden in the snow.” But Wellington is determined to create something truly magical...

Wow Wellington is the cutest, most lovable penguin since Happy Feet! Such a lovely heart warming story of a penguin that wants to achieve his dreams and doesn't give up!  The illustrations are really beautiful and detailed in this book and the glittery cover makes it even more adorable. The kid's loved his magical snow garden and we all fell a little bit in love with this book.

The Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
          Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

One of the most classic Christmas stories ever! We love this book. The rhymes just flow perfectly and make it so fun to read. The kids love trying to remember the words each time we read it. The illustrations are really cute and the glittery cover makes it all the more festive. 

On A Snowy Night

As the snow starts to fall on a winter's night, a young Arctic fox heads out to find food for her little brother, a stone hare is bought to life by moonlight magic and a brave zebra saves Santa's sleigh ride, just in time for Christmas.

A lovely collection of short stories, from a range of different authors. All enjoyable animal tales. I found this book was more suited to Gracie, who is almost 5. She loves to sit and listen to stories and didn't mind that there were only a few black and white illustrations. We haven't yet finished them all as we are reading one at a time, before she goes to bed and we have some reading time without the younger two, but she is really enjoying the stories so far and can't wait to read the rest.

The Storm Leopards

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and Isabelle is enjoying a family day out at the zoo. As her sister watches the penguins, Isabelle is the only one to catch a glimpse of a snow leopard, with its beautiful spotted silver-grey coat and long fluffy tail.

Fascinated by these endangered creatures, Isabelle tries to find out what she can do to help protect them. Little does she know she's about to be whisked into her very own magical snow leopard adventure, where a mother and her cubs are in danger...

All three of my kids are too young for this book just yet. I think it will be perfect for Gracie in a year or two though. It is such a good story about a magical life-like dream. It is the kind of book I would have really enjoyed when I was a child. It is definitely well-written and would make a great Christmas gift for a young girl this Christmas.

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